About Us

966 Motors was founded by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. a true one-stop-shop, 966 Motors will take your ride from dreams to paper and from paper to metal & reality! Although we specialize in Hot Rods, car customization is our business. Whether you want to create your own custom version of an existing production car or build a completely custom car we’re ready for your challenge.


As enthusiasts we ensure that every car that leaves our workshops adheres to the highest standards of performance and quality. We guarantee that your custom ride will exceed your expectations.

As a safety conscious organization, we meticulously follow international standards and regulations to ensure your safety is second to none while you drive.


Quick Contact

966 Motors

Automoto Complex – Showroom F17
Al-Khobar – Dammam Coastal Highway
Al-Khobar 31952, Saudi Arabia

T: +966 558 66 99 12
F: +966 3 814 7149

Email: [email protected]



Current Builds

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