Performance Tuning

Already drive your dream car? How about making it better, stronger and more reliable? Our performance tuning center will bring out the latent power waiting to be unleashed in your car.

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Want to know your vehicle’s true power? In 30 minutes our Dyno will give you a print out with your vehicle’s horsepower and torque rating along with a list of many vital engine statistics that are key to assessing your next performance modification or defining your tuning session! Contact us to Schedule your Dyno session today and find out your car’s/motorcycle’s true Horsepower rating.

Performance Tuning

Most vehicles are still running on the same tuning as the day they were purchased. If your vehicle has performance modifications, that means the engine is still acting as it was programmed to do before you added on your air intake, headers, exhaust, supercharger/turbo or any other modification. As a result your engine is not using all its power. By tuning your vehicle’s air/fuel ratio based on your current modification you unleash the first level of power in your vehicle. Timing, spark and many other factors are also taken into consideration and re-programmed to ensure that your vehicle is performing at its absolute best and that every bit of power is utilized.

Using a state-of-the Art All Wheel Drive Mustang Dynamometer 966 Motors can tune vehicles with up to 2,000 HP! Our tuning sessions include :

1. “before” HP & Torque “at the wheels” report (Dyno). This report will show your vehicles Horsepower and torque as it is before any modifications. The dyno will also provide a long list of information about your engine that will allow us to tune your engine to optimum performance.

2. Tuning: This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours based on your vehicle and modifications. The amount of horsepower added can range from 25 HP to over 100HP based on your vehicle condition and components.

3. “After” HP & Torque at the wheels report (Dyno). This report will show your vehicles Horsepower and torque after all modifications are complete. Call 0558 66 99 12 to find out more or schedule your tuning session today


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